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Chicago Fire Season One – Review

Chicago Fire is a new type of procedural – at least for me, and it is fantastically done. I may also be a little biased due to the constant presence of hot firefighters and stunning paramedics. Regardless, from the first moment that I watched this series, I was in love. Not only are there great characters and unique drama, but the action sequences throughout this show are so realistic and I’ve had to cover my eyes numerous times in anticipation of future pain and agony.

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Haven Season One – Review

Weird doesn’t even begin to describe Haven. Which is why I loved it so much. Everytime I think that I have a handle on what’s happening and can predict what’s going to happen next, the storyline throws another spanner in the works. There’s few shows that are unpredictable and out there, so watching one that fits this bill is refreshing and entertaining.

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Grey’s Anatomy Season One – Review

I’ve watched the first season of Grey’s Anatomy a few times, and every single time I thoroughly enjoy it. I think it’s the mixture of drama, characterisation and the literal life and death battle that these interns battle every day. I study and I know how little sleep that I sometimes get due to this, seeing a group of young people who are working ridiculous hours, on their feet all day makes me a little happier – I’ve got it tough, there are people out there who have it far tougher!

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Numb3rs Season Four – Review

The conclusion of Numb3rs season three led to the conclusion of Charlie and Don’s conflict about their own past. Forgiving one’s past is great, but it is the renegotiation of their roles and the future that now takes precedence within this season. Our previous understandings of these characters was them as boys, now they take on the roles of men in their work and own lives.

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Numb3rs Season Three – Review

Numb3rs season three has a much greater focus on Don and Charlie’s past brotherly issues. As an older sister, I completely understand the ways in which things that happened when we were children can still have a bearing on how we function in our sibling relations today. Being forced to confront these difficulties in their past helps the brothers to not only face up to their own shortcomings, but also the fact that their own perceptions were clouded. The conclusion of these past arguments helps to strengthen and stabilise their otherwise tumulus relationship, something that is incredibly enjoyable to watch.

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Numb3rs Season Two – Review

The second season of Numb3rs further emphasises the importance of family. The relationship between the two brothers and their father is the main point within this season and I love the uniqueness of this approach. Where a lot of other shows focus on relationships of a different intimacy, the exploration of adult familial relationships is refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable.

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Bones Season Eight – Review

The changes that begun in the seventh season of Bones smoothly morph into a new dynamic and new relationships throughout the eighth season of Bones. Although there are many ups and downs, and honestly, who doesn’t like a roller coaster ride of emotions in a series? Booth and Brennan finally seem to settle into their relationship and parenthood.

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Bones Season Six – Review

This is the season of chasing. Brennan chases Booth as Booth pursues his relationship with Hannah. It is also about Booth chasing the anti-Booth, the main villain within this story. And, as with all good stories, the chase is the journey, but there are some great and fascinating conclusions to these races of the heart. I spent most of season six on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what would come next, and obstinately holding my breath.

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Bones Season Four – Review

After the chilling season finale of season three, it was hard to see how the Bones cast would return for season four. But, the expansion of the ‘family’ was brilliantly done and actually made me love the series even more. Zack was gorgeous and easy to love, but having the flexibility of multiple interns gave the stories in each episode entirely different and unique flavours. The variety drew me in beautifully.

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