Film Reviews

Here are some reviews about the films and TV shows that I’ve enjoyed. The artwork, the live shows. Basically anything visual that has captured my imagination.


Action Anime Comedy
Crime Drama Fantasy
Horror Live Shows  Mystery
Romance Science Fiction Visual Arts

All Reviews

Bitten – Season One
Bones – Season One
Bones – Season Two
Bones – Season Three
Bones – Season Four
Bones – Season Five
Bones – Season Six
Bones – Season Seven
Bones – Season Eight
Chicago Fire – Season One
Entertaining my Brain at the RiAus Fringe
Grey’s Anatomy – Season One
Haven – Season One
My Neighbour Totoro
NCIS – Season One
Numb3rs – Season One
Numb3rs – Season Two
Numb3rs – Season Three
Numb3rs – Season Four
The Rearing Horses
Tears of Laughter – The Umbilical Brothers, Speedmouse

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