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Last Call by Jim Butcher

I loved the humour and wit in this short story – the shenanigans and difficulties of Dresden’s journey all result from his desire for a drink. Something which he constantly laments as he pursues the cause of violence. The dry humour in the narrator’s (Dresden’s) voice made this short story flash by as he runs after felons in pursuit of justice, and a nice, cold drink. It is this sass and obvious enjoyment throughout the tale that makes it impossible to put down and ignore.

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Body Double by Tess Gerritsen

The nature versus nurture debate has fascinated me ever since I first heard of it in my first year of University. Is it our genetics which define who we will be, or is it the way in which we are bought up? Personally, I’ve always believed that it is a mix of the two, but the discussion and the extent to which aspect of ourselves has the most impact is always an interesting one. One which Gerritsen explores beautifully through Maura Isle’s parentage in Body Double.

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The Sinner by Tess Gerritsen

The first two Rizzoli & Isles books deal almost exclusively with Rizzoli, so it is really refreshing and nice to understand crime from the point of view of an ME. Maura is the complete opposite of Rizzoli, although both women are fighting for respect and their own place in a man’s world. The ‘Queen of the Dead’, like Jane has her own hang-ups, her own past and her own battles to fight within the male dominated society.

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Haven Season One – Review

Weird doesn’t even begin to describe Haven. Which is why I loved it so much. Everytime I think that I have a handle on what’s happening and can predict what’s going to happen next, the storyline throws another spanner in the works. There’s few shows that are unpredictable and out there, so watching one that fits this bill is refreshing and entertaining.

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Mad Dogs by Robert Muchamore

Although this is a YA book and focuses on the actions and journeys of children, there are some very adult and serious consequences to their actions and work. Mad Dogs beautifully reminds us of the consequences of their actions. These very real penalties left my emotions on a razor blade throughout the book, which is why I read it in just a few days.

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The Fall by Robert Muchamore

The Fall was a drastic change of pace from the rest of the CHERUB books. Instead of investigating the ethics, and potential impacts of terrorism, drugs and any number of criminal acts, this story looks at what can happen when a mission goes drastically wrong. The lack of mission is balanced by Lauren’s assignment, but primarily focuses on James’ state of mind and what happens when things go bad.

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Man vs. Beast by Robert Muchamore

I’ve spent the last six years of my life studying conservation and restoration practices. And the years before that taking care of and loving a myriad of animals that have come through our doors. At this very moment two of my dogs are curled up next to me in a kind of fur nest. Which is why the issue of animal ethics and rights is something that has always fascinated me. Muchamore’s sixth CHERUB book investigates this issue wonderfully.

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Divine Madness by Rick Riordan

The idea of cult life is fascinating. I think because it is always connected to so many horror stories; people being raped and killed, torn from their families, and having their life savings squandered away. The idea that it is incredibly easy to fall into and that perfectly ‘normal’ people are bought into this reality, just makes it all the more frightening.

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Numb3rs Season Four – Review

The conclusion of Numb3rs season three led to the conclusion of Charlie and Don’s conflict about their own past. Forgiving one’s past is great, but it is the renegotiation of their roles and the future that now takes precedence within this season. Our previous understandings of these characters was them as boys, now they take on the roles of men in their work and own lives.

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Numb3rs Season Three – Review

Numb3rs season three has a much greater focus on Don and Charlie’s past brotherly issues. As an older sister, I completely understand the ways in which things that happened when we were children can still have a bearing on how we function in our sibling relations today. Being forced to confront these difficulties in their past helps the brothers to not only face up to their own shortcomings, but also the fact that their own perceptions were clouded. The conclusion of these past arguments helps to strengthen and stabilise their otherwise tumulus relationship, something that is incredibly enjoyable to watch.

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