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The Bones of the Earth by Ursula K. Le Guin

This short story is all about wizards and their mentors. The different ways in which mentors can inform their protegee, and how they fall into each others’ lives. I love that in telling about this relationship, it’s a little reflective. But also very much in the presence. There is a great split between the two timelines that enhances the timelessness of the bond between mentor and apprentice. And this flits across generations.

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Summer Knight by Jim Butcher

I always forget how much I enjoy Harry Dresden when I walk away from one of his books. I always want to immediately pick up the next one in the series, but since I’m easily distracted… this doesn’t necessarily frequently happen. I only picked up Summer Knight because I recently read yet another short story set in this world. Which reminded me how amazing this writing is. Not just the storyline and the fun characters, but the pure sarcasm that tends to trip from the pages.

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Something Borrowed by Jim Butcher

Every time I pick up a Dresden Files short story, I feel an insane urge to run up to my shelf and grab whichever novel I’m up to. There is just something amazing about this series that makes me want to sink my nose into it every time. But, I did exercise some self-control after reading Something Borrowed… because I have a pile of books I’m currently reading that is fairly high (I’ve been told I have to get them off the couch and use some restraint).

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Curses by Jim Butcher

Baseball isn’t really my thing. Nor is it something that I’ve ever understood. Probably has something to do with being Australian and not really having many baseball players in the vicinity. But I still know that the Cubs are quite famous for not winning and having a loyal fan base. It seems to come up a lot in American TV, movies and books…

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The Double Shadow by Clark Ashton Smith

Although I gave this story a kind of low rating, I did thoroughly enjoy it. The wording was just so beautifully lyrical and swept me away. Which makes sense, since it was originally written in 1933. It definitely means that this is a short story that I’m likely to go back to and reread. After all, the very lyricality of the wording makes it a fun journey and an intriguingly poetic one as well.

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The Infestation by Tom Holt

I wasn’t expecting to like this short story so much. At the beginning of the story I was a bit ‘eh about the character and the storyline. Although it did make me feel a little like I was reading a Terry Pratchett story… it wasn’t until about the halfway point that it started getting really, really good.

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Day Off by Jim Butcher

I haven’t picked up anything in The Dresden Files for a while. Mostly because I’ve just been distracted by the multitude of amazing books that are out there. And reading this short story reminded me of just why I love this series so much. It’s funny. It’s quirky. And it always abides by Murphy’s Law – anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

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Wizard’s Apprentice by Delia Sherman

This short story made me smile. It’s a great start to a collection of villain-based rewritings of fairy tales. For starters, the evil wizard that is a pretty common standpoint of many fairy tales and modern retellings is not at all what you would expect. The apprentice (who I thought was going to be eaten or turned into a toad) is from the background that I was anticipating, but the actual apprentice himself wasn’t even remotely who I thought he would be.

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