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The Cord by Alison Case

I still don’t like Wuthering Heights, but this short story did help me feel a little sympathy for Heathcliff. Or at least, sympathy for him when he was first hurt. There is no excuse for the actions of later… but I digress, this is about The Cord, not the entirety of Wuthering Heights.

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Kit by Juno Dawson

I really wasn’t expecting to like this story so much. After all, I’ve found all of the stories in the I Am Heathcliff collection so far powerful and fascinating… but not what I would call enjoyable. They’re all pretty twisted and convoluted…but this one wasn’t really. Alright, it was still what I would consider twisted romance, because it wasn’t really anything romantic or healthy at all. But it didn’t leave me feeling both ill and confused. It just left me smiling in a slightly bemused sort of way.

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The Howling Girl by Laurie Penny

This was a great play on the haunting of Heathcliff. It took the ideas and themes that highlight how badly Heathcliff treated Catherine, but twisted them into something a little more contemporary. Rather, it isn’t Catherine’s counterpart which is providing the haunting, but she does encourage it. And finds a way to twist it about so that he isn’t able to get away with his past and present actions.

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A Bird, Half-Eaten by Nikesh Shukla

This is an incredibly intense story. It’s obsessive to the point of violence, yet, there is a recognition of this in the narrator’s voice. Moments of “problematic behaviour” are quickly recognised and recalibrated. Something that I don’t often see in stories with the slightly creepy stalker types. They don’t understand that there is something wrong in what they are doing…

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Anima by Grace McCleen

This story was incredibly weird. I’m still not 100% sure what was going on and how I felt about it. It was just plain weird. At the beginning, when the protagonist started talking about the “love” in this story, I thought it was based very much on a time in the 1800s when she’s fallen in love with a man at one glance. It’s not about a man though… and the love isn’t really sexual, but it’s still weird.

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