Primal Heat by Sherri L. King, Lorie O’Clare, Jaci Burton & Lora Leigh

Primal Heat : Sherri L King : 9781843607403

Title: Primal Heat
Author: Sherri L. King, Lori O’Clare, Jaci Burton & Lora Leigh
In: Primal Heat (Sherri L. King, Lorie O’Clare, Jaci Burton & Lora Leigh)
Rating Out of 5: 4 (Really good read!)
My Bookshelves: EroticaParanormal romance, Short story collections, Werewolves
Dates read: 7th February – 4th May 2021
Pace: Medium
Format: Novella
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Year: 2004
5th sentence, 74th page: Do you understand me?


“Moonlust” by Sherri L King
Series: Moonlust #1
During Brianna’s trip to the Ural Mountains of Russia, a life-threatening accident places her at the mercy of a strange, reclusive man. A man whose secrets and unquenchable hunger will change her life forever…

“Pack Law” by Lorie O’Clare
Series: Lunewulf, #1
Pack law states every female shall have three mates. It’s a necessary action in order to keep the lunewulf breed alive. Sophie Rousseau has just learned who her three mates will be. And one of them is the sexy Nik Alexander who has invaded her dreams since high school. Though Sophie’s nervous about fulfilling pack law, she can’t wait to mate with Nik. Nik has lusted after Sophie, wanted her for his mate and mother of his children. He gets his way, but by pack law, Sophie cannot be his alone. Nik will share her with two other werewolves. But only on his terms.

“Running Mate” by Jaci Burton
Series: Devlin Dynast, #1
Senator Jason Devlin is a man with a secret. A big one that could ruin his political career and his family. He guards his secret closely, allowing no outsiders to penetrate his intimate circle. Kelsey Harper is a reporter itching for an interview with the elusive senator. When a case of mistaken identity lands her in his bed, she gets much more than an interview.

“Wolfe’s Hope” by Lora Leigh
Series: Wolf Breeds , #2
Hope believed Wolfe was dead, but he was only waiting for the right time to claim her. He is a man whose DNA was altered, infused with the genetic code of the wolf. His unique genetic makeup has created a male unlike any other and will make itself known in the most surprising ways. Now Hope must convince her mate she hasn’t betrayed him, and they must defeat the plans of a scientist gone mad.


This was a fun and incredibly lustful collection. There was a lot of intense sexuality throughout this that most definitely put this into my erotic bookshelves. Most certainly not the kind of book that I would comfortably read in front of family members. But definitely one that was good when I wanted to kill a little time by myself…

There is something fun and intriguing about this collection. I only bought it because I love the Breeds series. But I now have another three authors that I’m intrigued by and keen to add to my shelves. Not all to the same degree, I found some of these novellas more to my taste than others. But overall, these were wonderful tastes of some great stories to come…

If you like your paranormal romance a little bit extra erotic and toe curling… then this is a good collection for you. There are stories with multiple partners, bondage, all sorts of different storylines and erotica. That, and they’re all werewolves. Great fun.

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