The Complete Works of William Shakespeare by William Shakespeare

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Title: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
Author: William Shakespeare
Series: Barnes and Noble Leatherbound
Rating Out of 5: 4 (Really good read!)
My Bookshelves: Classics
Dates read: 7th – 20th March 2020
Pace: Slow
Format: Collection
Publisher: Barnes and Noble
Year: 1623
5th sentence, 74th page: How now!

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“The plays are arranged in the chronological order of their composition.”–Table of contents footnote.
“The text used for this edition is that prepared by the late Arthur Henry Bullen for the Stratford Town Edition, to print which he founded the Shakespeare Head Press in 1904.”–Table of contents footnote.


I have to be honest, I skim read through this. I understand why Shakespeare is so famous. And some of his lines did stand out to me. But he’s really not to my taste. There are some classical authors that I love… and then there are some that I’m a bit “eh” about… and it turns out that Shakespeare is one of them.

I think what I love most about this book is the actual book in itself. It is just beautiful. I have literally spent hours sitting there, looking at the cover and admiring the beauty of it all. The pages are kind of reminiscent of bible pages (I’m sure there’s a technical word for it, but that’s how I see it). There is just something about the way that this book was created that takes you to another world. Transports you to the time in which Shakespeare was living and his plays were something new and exciting.

This is a great book to have on your shelves. And I’ll probably pick it up again and again as time goes on. It’s one of those collections that you can read a chunk here and there, enjoy it and move onwards. I particularly like to do this over a glass or two of wine and a very long day. There is something soothing about Shakespeare’s words that help you relax. Which is weird, because when I’m relaxed, I find it hard to concentrate on his words… all very confusing.

This is the book that everyone should have on their bookshelves. There is something timeless about Shakespeare’s works. Even if I did just skim over some of the plays and pieces. It’s the kind of book that you will pick up again and again over time. Enjoying it differently each and every run through.

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Image source: Barnes and Noble


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