The Heart Grows Fonder

Duration: 1st February – 28th February
Number of books: 3
Hosted by:Bookworm Bitches

There are 3 tasks, you only need to read three books to finish this challenge. Or pick one task and read 3 books for that one task. Thank you Jimena for help with the ideas!

1. Read a book with a romance in it. – Sea Fever by Virginia Kantra
2. Read a book with a strong relationship (this can be in a love sense or just friendship, family, or a relationship with an animal, place, etc.) – Prince of Shadows by Rachel Caine
3. Read a book where a character loses something or someone close to them (a lover, friend, family member, cherished object, home, etc. Can be due to a break up, passing away, other extenuating circumstances. They can retrieve this lost person/object in the end or not.)  – Sea Witch by Virginia Kantra (seal skin)

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