The Feast of Beauty by Helen Scott Taylor


The Mammoth Book of Irish RomanceTitle: The Feast of Beauty

Author: Helen Scott Taylor

In: The Mammoth Book of Irish Romance (Trisha Telep)

Rating Out of 5: 5 (I will read this again and again and again)

My Bookshelves: CelticThe CoastFae, Paranormal fantasy

Pace: Medium

Format: Short story

Publisher: Running Press

Year: 2010

5th sentence, 74th page: They floated to the ground and her back landed on the soft sand.

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Kate thinks that she’s visiting Ireland to fulfill a promise to her Grandmother and film an episode of her show. But what she finds there could be much more.


I really didn’t know what to expect when I first started reading this short story. The rest of the stories in The Mammoth Book of Irish Romance have a heavy focus on the past and the days when Celtic beliefs were the primary ways in which to view the world. This tale on the other hand was heavily based in today’s modern world. And although it still featured fae and the same themes occurrent throughout this collection, it was a complete breath of fresh air.

Kate is the kind of woman I can most heavily associate with. There is this vague understanding and feeling of “the other”, but she is still firmly centred in this world. This reality. The struggles of everyday living. She’s also convinced that she has to work her absolute butt off to get where she wants to go in life (who hasn’t heard this mantra?). Yet, it turns out she is intricately connected to the world of the fae, and the beauty in this festival and understandings left me with a really pleased and relaxed smile on my face at the conclusion of this story.

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