The Mammoth Book of Irish Romance

The Mammoth Book of Irish RomanceThe Mammoth Book of Irish Romance edited by Trisha Telep

The Blue Pebble by Shirley Kennedy
The Ballad of Rosamunde by Claire Delacroix
Oracle by Margo Maguire
The Trials of Bryan Murphy by Cat Adams
Nia and the Beast of Killarney Wood by Cindy Miles
Beyond the Veil by Patricia Rice
Shifter Made by Jennifer Ashley
Daughter of the Sea by Kathleen Givens
The Eternal Warrior by Jenna Maclaine
Eternal Strife by Dara England
Quicksilver by Cindy Holby
The Feast of Beauty by Helen Scott Taylor
Compeer by Roberta Gellis
On Inishmore by Ciar Cullen
The Morrigan’s Daughter by Susan Krinard
Tara’s Find by Nadia Williams
The Skrying Glass by Penelope Neri
The Houndmaster by Sandra Newgent
The Seventh Sister by Sue-Ellen Welfonder
By the Light of My Heart by Pat McDermott

Image source: Goodreads
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