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The Mammoth Book of Dark Magic edited by Mike Ashley

It took me a little while to seriously get into this collection. But, once I did… I was completely hooked. I quite obviously love fantasy from the books that fill my shelves. But, as I’ve gotten older, I have found that I am drawn again and again to fantasy of a darker bent. Although not all of these short stories suited that desire, they just weren’t that dark… this collection was still seriously brilliant.

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Last Rites by Louise Cooper

This was a seriously tripped out story. I did enjoy it. But I can’t really remember much of what happened… I suppose many of the more trippy stories that I read are like that though. They have this ethereal quality that makes you feel like you’ve forgotten what you’ve read… even though you only just turned the last page. And it’s kind of suited that a story about chaos does this so well…

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The Last Witch by James Bibby

I can’t imagine being the last of my kind. It just seems like a horribly tragic way to be, a completely tragic existence. One that totally plucks at the heart strings. And yet, Bibby’s version of the last witch and the travels that the young girl goes through are kind of funny. Seriously witty and thoroughly enjoyable.

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The Wizard of Ashes and Rain by David Sandner

This story was a little hard to follow at the very beginning. Not in a bad, what the hell is going on way. But there was just so much thrown at you from the very beginning, so it took a while for me to really get my head around what was going on. Yet, even taking that time was an incredibly fun adventure. It was something that swept me off my feet and completely enthralled me. And once I finally clicked as to what was happening? I was even happier.

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Forever by Tim Lebbon

There was something quite heartbreaking about this short story. At first it doesn’t seem so. But at the end? Wow. Talk about tearing someone down and systematically destroying them. Letting them hope, just so that when they find out there is nothing to hope for… it’s all the more bitter and devastating. This tale seriously punched me in the heart.

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