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Alia’s Angel by Rhea Rose

The idea of a vampire (which I’m assuming Angel is, because it’s never really explicitly explained) in the slums of an apartment building work kind of brilliantly. After all, I really don’t like those stories which tote vampires as the epitome of society. They’re predators. And generally the bad guy. So I kind of liked that there is a story that features one in a kind of horrible position. The dankness fits the theme a lot better than I was expecting.

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Blood Debt by Jeanne C. Stein

Most of the time, when I find novellas in a short story collection, they stand up fantastically on their own. Sometimes you even forget that they are part of a greater series. This isn’t quite like that. It is a tale all about the repercussions of a crime obviously committed in a previous story. That’s not to say that this wasn’t a ridiculously enjoyable novella, but it was one that I constantly felt like I needed to have read about the original “crime” to fully understand what was happening.

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The Morning After by Claude Bolduc

I mostly enjoyed the premise of this story. It was just obvious that it was a translated short story, and I think that in that it lost some of its oomph. The general, fun gist of this story was great – but as I said, there were many moments that felt like they could have been more interesting, but there was something that just didn’t make it across translation…

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A Stand-up Dame by Lilith Saintcrow

I liked the voice in this story. It was that very 20’s and had that kind of roughened P.I. tone to it that I have become used to in some of the more vampire noir stories. There was something about the language and storyline that just drew me in from the beginning. Mostly though it was just the fact that although this was a vampire romance, the vampire part was implied, and not outright explained.

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Vampire Unchained by Nancy Holder

I like the idea of a witch-born vampire. And that this ancestry is enough to overcome the change of vampirism. Actually, it’s the first vampire story I’ve had the pleasure of reading in which the change is reversed. And since it is a short story, this change occurs quite quickly. But it doesn’t feel forced and overbearing as it can in some short stories.

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