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Red Blues by Michael Skeet

The beginning paragraphs of this story are very well written. They are slightly vague, and make you think of a vampire sinking his or her teeth into a woman’s neck. They give this slightly titillating feeling to the words and a very sensual ideal to a hunger that is not your own. And then Skeet turns the tables and you find out that the narrator is discussing jazz and an instrument.

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Shifter’s Lady by Alyssa Day

I was expecting a novella featuring one of the Seven Warriors that are the focal point of the Warriors of Poseidon series. So it was a somewhat pleasant surprise to read a novella about one of the sisters – and a healer who is the leader of a temple. Alright, there was still an incredibly dominant and pushy male taking centre stage, but I enjoyed the fact that the Atlantean was female this time.

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Atlantis Awakening by Alyssa Day

I have a weird relationship with the Warriors of Poseidon series… while I’m reading them I don’t think that I’m completely enthralled, yet, I tend to just rip through them quickly and fall madly in love with the characters in the storyline. And, when I close the final page of the book, I can’t stop thinking about the storyline and all that unfolded.

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Resonance by Mary E. Choo

I liked the idea in this short tale of vampires being able to sense life forces. It isn’t a new idea, but it was dealt with in a unique way. The fact that it is used in a moment to diagnose cancer, and encourage wildlife to run rampant in a backyard, that was novel and fun.

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Hunter’s Choice by Shiloh Walker

As soon as Wyatt walks onto the scene, you know what’s going to happen. You can guess from almost the very first sentence that Sara is probably going to fall for a vampire. I mean, the short story is in a collection of vampire romance novels and it opens with her hunting a vampire. But that didn’t make the storyline any less enjoyable.

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