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Elvis Presley and the Bloodsucker Blues by Matt Venne

I have a mother who is obsessed with Elvis Presley. Actually, everytime I hear him I think of Christmas because that is the only time of year my dad can tolerate listening to it anymore. Somehow, Elvis Presley has become our Christmas music. Which is weird to say the least. So reading this gave me a weird feeling of Christmas. Even though it had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with that time of year…

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Love Bites by Kimberly Raye

I really liked the narrator of this story. She had a completely relatable voice. She was pithy, sarcastic and full of sass. There was also this great sense of vulnerability and innocence in everything in this story that was, well, not entirely relatable, but certainly enjoyable to read. And that was all before the romance and the vampires got involved!

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Paradise by Meljean Brook

I loved the end of Demon Angel, or at least, I loved the happy ending that the characters got. But to me it felt a little too off-into-the-sunset. Which is nice, but I felt like something was left slightly unfinished. Paradise helped to stop that lingering “but-what-happened-next” feeling. It also gave Selah her own story and that in and of itself was enjoyable.

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Dreams by Keri Arthur

I have read the first Riley Jenson Guardian novel, but haven’t gotten any further into the series. It’s a pretty intense erotica and sexual story, so I definitely have to be in the right kind of mood for it. But when I read Dreams in my short story collection the other night, I remembered just why I have kept this collection on my shelves. It’s easy, fun and more than a little raunchy.

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Demon Angel by Meljean Brook

The play on demons, angels and much of the Christian faith worked so well. The use of Lilith, Lucifer and Michael to create a great paranormal world over top of our own gave the strength of millennia to the battles and moments which help to form Lilith and Hugh’s relationship in the first part of this novel. The second part of this slightly builds upon the mythos used to create this world, but also furthers the relationship to and great understanding of the characters throughout.

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Knowledge of Evil by Raven Hart

I have a more-than-slight obsession with tales about intellectuals. I am an intellect. I’m obsessed with learning. And understanding. And just experiencing in general. So it was really fun to read a vampire romance that featured two such characters. Alright, the rest of the story was so incredibly cliché. And more than a little irritating in parts, but mostly, it was just fun to read about people who wanted to be immortal simply for the fact that it means a forever of learning.

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Fangs for Hire by Jenna Black

I loved this short story. The idea that there is a vampire hit woman. And she runs into another vampire. And of course, there is sexual tension (because it’s in a book of vampire romance after all). It was just cute and funny. Easy to read and a good bit to read just before sinking into bed to try and get some sleep.

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