Tag: The Mammoth Book of Dark Magic

The Infestation by Tom Holt

I wasn’t expecting to like this short story so much. At the beginning of the story I was a bit ‘eh about the character and the storyline. Although it did make me feel a little like I was reading a Terry Pratchett story… it wasn’t until about the halfway point that it started getting really, really good.

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Villaggio Sogno by Richard A. Lupoff

This story has such a bright, cheerful and kind of happy beginning. It’s two young girls, best friends, going out for the first time to the city and spending a day out together. Something that was so exciting at twelve years old for myself, so I could almost feel the joy and eagerness jumping out of the page. But, this is a short story in a collection of dark magic tales, so I knew that that wouldn’t be the case.

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