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Rowan and the Bukshah

The final tale in the saga of Rowan of Rin brings everything full circle. And I love it. it not only ends by giving you hope for the future, but it also completes the journey – not just Rowan’s, but also that of the Bukshah. And the Maris. And the Travelers. And the Zebak. And the people of the Valley of Gold. Which all worked in beautifully. And after closing the last page of this book, I was left with a great, big grin on my face.

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Rowan and the Zebak by Emily Rodda

The first three Rowan of Rin stories are really quite disjointed. The first features the people of Rin, the second the Travellers, and the third the Maris. But all have the common thread of the Zebak’s invasion in the past. They are all connected across their land. And it really isn’t until the fourth story that the connection between the different groups can really be enjoyed and appreciated.

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Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal by Emily Rodda

I haven’t picked up this book in ages. And, after a long Saturday at work, I kind of needed something quick, easy and interesting to read. This was the perfect fit. I spent about an hour just disappearing into the world of Rowan of Rin. The fact that he is so different from everyone he knows and loves always drew me to his stories as a child (I wonder why) and Rodda has an amazing way of telling fantastic stories that draw you in from the beginning.

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Rowan and the Travellers by Emily Rodda

The pride of the past could prove to be Rin’s undoing. That, and their unwillingness to accept anyone else of a different calibre and tradition than themselves. But, luckily for all of Rin, Rowan is there to save the day again. Again, he proves that strength and blustery courage isn’t everything, and that sometimes it is the very fear that can be someone’s best companion, and a people’s saviour.

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Rowan of Rin By Emily Rodda

Fear is a good thing. I’ve always been told it tells us we’re alive. But, really, it also is a way to keep us alive. Yet, for the people of Rin, fear is shameful and courage is the leader of the day. Which is why I love the irony of the most fearful boy of the village being the hero of this story. After all, the very thing that they all take pride in is the thing that unravels them all.

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