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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride

I keep picking this book up and putting it back down. Mostly because I’ve not been entirely sure if it’s what I’m in the mood for. Turns out that this is the kind of book I’m probably always going to be in the mood for. It’s funny, witty and supernatural. Filled with fantastic sidekicks and unforgettable characters. The storyline is also intriguing and filled with twists and turns that I hadn’t expected. This is also really, really addictive. So maybe don’t read it when you have more “adult” things to do… it got me into a little trouble.

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Heads Will Roll by Lish McBride

Every time I pick this short story up, the song “Heads Will Roll” gets stuck in my head… it’s actually my current ringtone. Which is maybe why I haven’t read this so far – I get too busy singing the song to actually start reading the story. But, I finally pushed through the soundtrack playing in my head and decided to read this. And I really, really, really wasn’t disappointed.

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