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A Handful of Ashes by Garth Nix

Caste systems and the different tiers which we find ourselves in based on our socio-economic status have always been something that fascinate me. And, it obviously fascinates so many other people – after all, there are a lot of stories which use this as one of their themes. And, as always, Garth Nix takes this difference in people’s standing and writes an incredible story about it.

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To Hold the Bridge by Garth Nix

It’s always nice to revisit a fantasy world that you have loved over the years. One that you have visited again and again and again over the years. To Hold the Bridge was a great way to do this. The Old Kingdom series has been a favourite for years, and, although this novella doesn’t fit into the overall storyline, it does serve as a fantastic reminder of the years of joy that these stories have given me.

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Vampire Weather by Garth Nix

This story might have only been 20 pages, but it is certainly a cute, slightly twisted story that I am going to think about for a long while. There is nothing like a short story that is going to stick with you to finish off the night. And, Vampire Weather is definitely one such story.

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Strange Fishing in the Western Highlands by Garth Nix

This short story was nothing like I expected. Although, from the title, I’m really not quite sure what I expected – something about going fishing and catching a ginormous fish I suppose? Well, other than the very conclusion, there was really nothing at all about fishing in the story. But, before you begin to feel disappointed about such a lack, the amazing writing and unique journey that Nix takes you on in The Strange Fishing in the Western Highlands is well worth the journey.

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Abhorsen by Garth Nix

To me, Abhorsen is all about duty and honour; it’s importance and how difficult it can truly be to pursue such a calling in life. Saving the world from certain doom is a great calling, if you are not the one who has to shoulder that responsibility. Lirael grabs this responsibility and her birthright with both hands and clings on. The way that she takes on a world of pain and obligation that she never thought was hers is inspiring and beautiful. It is a great reminder of the ways in which we should all grow a backbone and take charge of our own lives and destinies.

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Lirael by Garth Nix

Lirael has long been one of my favourite literary heroines. She doesn’t quite fit in with her family, is immensely insecure, and is seriously struggling to find her place in life. Her multi-layered creation and the vulnerability in her tale pulls at the heart strings, and makes her all the more relatable to everyone who has struggled to find their place in life. From their teens to adulthood.

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Sabriel by Garth Nix

I love that this is a series about necromancers – it is different and unique in a way that no other series I have read is. The binary distinction between life and death is echoed in the wall between ‘The Old Kingdom’ and ‘Ancelstierre’. The anti-necromancer, or Abhorsen, just made the entire tale all the more entrancing – partner this with beautiful writing and an entrancing storyline, and I dare you not to fall in love with Sabriel.

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