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Infestation by Garth Nix

Aliens and vampires – a combination that I never expected, thought of, or have experienced before. Yet, it is something that worked brilliantly in Infestation. Actually, I was really disappointed when this ended – I wanted to know more about the slightly weird, hippy-style main character. And I wanted to know how this epic war of aliens that left us with killing-machine vampires actually turned out. Did he win the war in the end? Did he bring back his creepy sounding captain?

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Holly and Iron by Garth Nix

A very unique, and thoroughly enjoyable spin on The Sword in the Stone. With a little bit of a hint of Robin Hood thrown in. Or at least, that’s the flavour that I got from Holly and Iron. And it’s one that I thoroughly enjoyed. After all, they are two classic tales, and they blend seamlessly together in this fantastic short story.

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To Hold the Bridge Collection by Garth Nix

Sometimes there’s nothing like sitting down and reading a great collection of short stories. Normally, I tend to read anthologies – stories from a number of authors covering a number of genres and suiting a wide array of readers. But occasionally, there is an author that I love so much that it is my greatest joy to spend a few days with them in all of their weird little worlds. Or at least, that’s how I feel about Garth Nix and this collection of short stories.

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