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Rowan and the Travellers by Emily Rodda

The pride of the past could prove to be Rin’s undoing. That, and their unwillingness to accept anyone else of a different calibre and tradition than themselves. But, luckily for all of Rin, Rowan is there to save the day again. Again, he proves that strength and blustery courage isn’t everything, and that sometimes it is the very fear that can be someone’s best companion, and a people’s saviour.

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Rowan of Rin By Emily Rodda

Fear is a good thing. I’ve always been told it tells us we’re alive. But, really, it also is a way to keep us alive. Yet, for the people of Rin, fear is shameful and courage is the leader of the day. Which is why I love the irony of the most fearful boy of the village being the hero of this story. After all, the very thing that they all take pride in is the thing that unravels them all.

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City of Rats by Emily Rodda

I’ll admit – I’m a total neat freak. Just to sit down and read this book, write this review, I had to vacuum the lounge (where I’m nesting for the day), and put away the dry washing. To be fair though, my living room floor was also covered in chewed up dog toys. But I digress… the point is that I am a neat freak, but this is also tempered by the knowledge that there is such a thing as too neat. Which, is exactly what happens in City of Rats.

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The Forests of Silence by Emily Rodda

I haven’t read the Deltora Quest books since I was a kid and they were a series that I loved dearly. But, it’s something I’ve been reluctant to return to. After all, sometimes revisiting something that is held dearly in your minds’ eye just isn’t as good when you have had a few more years of experience. Luckily for me, this wasn’t quite the case.

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