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Seeing is Believing by Erin McCarthy

I’m kind of sad that this is the ending to the series. I’ve been enjoying Cuttersville so much over the past few weeks. And now it is over… I’ll just have to find another series to sink my teeth into next I suppose. And this was such a great and fitting end to this sweet romance series as well. Piper is so much sweeter and more huggable than the other women featured. And I love that you have watched her and Brady grow up a little over the preceding books.

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Heiress for Hire by Erin McCarthy

The more I read of the Cuttersville series, the more I fall in love with this beautiful, small town. Actually, I’m really disappointed that I only have one story left now. Especially since I have read both A Date with The Other Side and Heiress for Hire in one sitting. Not even putting my book down to eat or have a loo break. I just walked around with my nose in the book, and really, really hoped that I didn’t walk into a wall.

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A Date With the Other Side by Erin McCarthy

I can’t believe that I’ve put off reading this book for like a whole month!!! I got it, I wanted to read it… I decided that I should read something else. And I kept putting it off. Until the other day, when I had a really severe migraine. Which meant that any urban fantasy or really any story that involved keeping intense track of the characters and the plot was completely out of bounds. Instead I read this. Cover to cover with no breaks. And made my migraine worse… but it was totally worth it!!!

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Christmas Bree by Erin McCarthy

If you’re in the mood for an easy, cute, a little bit funny read… then this is certainly the sort of novella you should be picking up. It’s one of those find-your-true-love, Merry Christmas type of stories that may not rock your world, but certainly leave you with a big, happy smile on your face when you have finished reading them. Which, let’s be honest, is something that we all need sometimes.

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