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Cravings by Laurell K. Hamilton, Mary Janice Davidson, Eileen Wilks & Rebecca York

I bought this book a few years ago to read the World of the Lupi novella between it’s pages. And then I put it away because I was still incredibly new to the genre of paranormal romance. Now, a few years later, a lot more involved in the genre and more than a little obsessed, I decided to pick up this collection again. And boy, was I glad that I did.

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Burning Moon by Rebecca York

If you look at my bookshelves, and my romance section, you’ll see that I love books with werewolves and shapeshifters. If they happen to be paranormal romances, I tend to eat them up all that much quicker. There is just something that is so sensual and intense about stories with werewolves… I suppose it’s the animalistic and strong sense that these paranormal creatures bring to their stories. Which of course meant that this was going to be the kind of story in my wheelhouse. The fact that it features a quest for revenge and a blind, tarot-card reading woman just made it that much better.

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Dead Girls Don’t Dance by Mary Janice Davidson

This was a funny, cute and easy read. It took me a little longer than most novellas because I was also trying to watch a cute little movie at the same time… but in general, this was just a nice little read. I especially liked that although I thought Andrea was going to be a sweet woman. One who meets her significant other and falls a little in love. I was kind of wrong. Although she does fall for Daniel, she’s not really sweet. She’s kind of a powerhouse. And she’s pushy. And she really refuses to take anyone’s crap.

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Blood Upon My Lips by Laurell K. Hamilton

This was kind of a confusing novella. Which, considering I found out after I read it that it’s the condensed version of a novel… kind of completely makes sense. And, even though it wasn’t completely sensical, it was a fun, smutty kind of journey. And one that I would like to discover more about. There was just enough information to enthral me, but not enough to make me feel like I really knew what was going. Which, for a curious girlchild like myself, was the perfect little teaser.

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Originally Human by Eileen Wilks

This short World of the Lupi story really helped to fill in the gaps of some of what happened to Cullen during Tempting Danger. Although it wasn’t integral to the understanding of the story, it did help to fill in some gaps as to how Cullen was captured and why. It also provided a little more feedback on the Lupi’s arch nemesis – something that I think will become far more important as the series progresses.

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