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Typecast by Jeff Ryan

You could kind of see how this story was going to end in the first few sentences. For starters, the title is Typecast, it implies the fitting of certain roles to an idea. Specifically when you are introduced to a casting director in LA. And one that is hunting for the perfect serial killer…

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Still Life by Ken Lillie-Paetz

This is an incredibly short story. And when I started reading it, I was wondering what part of painting an apple would make it part of a blood thirsty collection. When I figured it out, I was honestly a little grossed out and freaked. Which is why I gave it a slightly higher rating than I probably would have normally… it surprised me and made me feel weird.

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Smoke and Mirrorballs by Chris Abbey

I’m not a huge fan of reality TV. It always feels contrived and fake. Which, after reading this, I think that Chris Abbey might actually agree with me. This is a supernatural take on Dancing with the Stars. But one with a very sarcastic and ultimately funny twist. After all, most of the contestants are already dead, and those who are left… well, you’ll just have to read it to see.

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Short Term by Daniel Pyle

I’ve seen dementia and short term memory loss used as a humorous anecdote, as a sad trial, as a hurdle that someone has to challenge or overcome. I have never read about it being used in a horror story. I’ve also never been so freaked out by the idea of someone with short term memory loss. But, Pyle has definitely managed to change that for me.

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Mannequin by Heather Graham

I read this short story before going to bed. Mistake! I hate dolls, mannequins and anything generally humanoid that doesn’t quite make it. Mannequins are kind of at the top of this list. So a horror story about mannequins coming to life… yeah, it was not a good idea to read before turning off the lights.

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