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The Last Demon by Don D’Amassa

At the beginning of this story, the youngest demon escapes hell. And that was pretty much were my expectations were halted. Nothing went as I thought it would, and it was all such a bizarre adventure that I was left with a very perplexed feeling. Not that that is a bad thing, this story certainly made me think… but it was just a little weird.

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For Sale by David Sakmyster

I always think that the adverts for houses are entertaining. The wording is always so majestic, the terms often obscure. And guessing what’s secretly wrong with the place can be kind of fun. Well, with this ad… I really didn’t have to go far to guess. But my god was it an entertaining read.

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BRIANS!!! by D.L. Snell

When I read the name of this short story I thought that there was a typo. After all, it is in a collection of short stories that are surrounded by horror and the paranormal… brains would make sense. Zombies after all. But within the first page, it finally makes sense… this is about a book that has a typo in it. It should be BRAINS! The author is an idiot.

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Bayou Brawl by L.A. Banks

I really liked the idea behind this story – extraterrestrials have visited New Orleans and the Bayou. There is one lady that has the contacts to find out what is happening. It turns out that said contacts are supernatural and totally onto it. Biff at the bayou.

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