Holly and Iron by Garth Nix

A very unique, and thoroughly enjoyable spin on The Sword in the Stone. With a little bit of a hint of Robin Hood thrown in. Or at least, that’s the flavour that I got from Holly and Iron. And it’s one that I thoroughly enjoyed. After all, they are two classic tales, and they blend seamlessly together in this fantastic short story.

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To Hold the Bridge Collection by Garth Nix

Sometimes there’s nothing like sitting down and reading a great collection of short stories. Normally, I tend to read anthologies – stories from a number of authors covering a number of genres and suiting a wide array of readers. But occasionally, there is an author that I love so much that it is my greatest joy to spend a few days with them in all of their weird little worlds. Or at least, that’s how I feel about Garth Nix and this collection of short stories.

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July 2017

July is supposed to be my quiet time, yet, somehow, it has turned out that I am running around even more than usual... but on a positive note, my own, personal library is almost unpacked...

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Mona Lisa Betwining by Sunny

This novella sends goosebumps running up my arms – the raw sensuality of the words is enough to make you glance sneakily around for an audience. But the emotive descriptions of the night, the moon and the forests add to this heightened sense of reality which Sunny is able to so effortlessly create. This heady combination left me speechless and dreamy for a long time after finishing this novella – something that is incredibly difficult, believe me!

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Snakeskin by Rob Thurman

I love stories about Tricksters – they are completely amoral, always entertaining and beautifully symbolic of the balance between good and evil. Plus, where they travel, chaos follows. Which is always entertaining, and provides great conflict in and of itself. The introduction to Thurman’s Trickster series is no different.

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