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Beef Cake by Jiffy Kate


Title: Beef Cake
Author: Jiffy Kate, SmartyPants Romance
Series: Fighting for Love #2
Rating Out of 5: 5 (I will read this again and again and again)
My Bookshelves: Contemporary, Contemporary romance, Sports romance
Pace: Medium
Format: eBook, Novel
Year: 2020


It’s taken me a little while to get to the next book in the Fighting for Love series, mostly because there are just so many amazing books on my shelves and I get very easily distracted. And it was just as good as the first book in this series. Kate is an amazing writer, and as with Stud Muffin, I loved that they have a genuine understanding of the world of MMA and the dedication that it takes to go pro. Plus, Frankie and Gunnar are a wonderful pair of leads that had me struggling to put this book down from the very beginning.

Frankie is an incredibly prickly female lead, absolutely nothing like Tempests firey nature, she’s just… prickly. And somehow the name Frankie just highlighted how damn prickly she is. I loved how well the name suited her from that very first appearance. And then, there’s the mystery of just who her dad is. The little hints that are shown throughout this novel had me constantly guessing. But, when her scars are revealed, I did guess. And correctly. But, even then, Frankie’s journey of discovery and acceptance were fantastic and incredibly emotional.

Then there is Gunnar, he is wonderfully driven. Not just in his MMA career, but also just how he is willing to drive himself to keep working at the relationships in his life. Not just with Frankie, but also the rest of the Erikson brothers. He is so adorably driven, but, he is also constantly checking for Frankie’s consent. Making what is sometimes a bit of a creepy trope into something that was wonderful and actually quite sweet. He also is willing to take that step back to let Frankie process her demons. I love that the couple actually take a little bit of time apart in this story so that Frankie is able to work on herself, rather than relying on somebody else to prop her up.

Getting your head screwed back on straight can be an incredibly difficult thing to do. I mean, admitting how messed up you are and then opening up is ridiculously hard. I loved how Frankie had the guts to face up to that and do the damn work. And, it is hard work. Both Gunnar and Frankie put in a whole lot of hard work throughout this story, not just towards their relationship, but also towards their own health and goals. I absolutely loved this story and will most definitely read it again multiple times.

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Stud Muffin by Jiffy Kate


Title: Stud Muffin
Author: Jiffy Kate, SmartyPants Romance
Series: Fighting for Love #1
Rating Out of 5: 5 (I will read this again and again and again)
My Bookshelves: Contemporary, Contemporary romance
Pace: Medium
Format: Novel
Year: 2019


They say, “hell hate no fury like a woman scorned”. And oh boy, do I get that. We are old and we are powerful. And in Tempest’s situation, damn, I feel like she was actually almost calm. I totally get her anger at Asher and why she goes a little off her rocker. I think I probably would, too in her situation. The fact that it starts off the story with a good giggle (driving a truck into a damn is wonderful), just makes it all that much more amazing.

I’m loving stories with fighters as a lead, I am very involved in my own MMA/BJJ gym, so it’s this great feeling of coming home when I read about it. Knowing a number of people who actually want to go pro in the UFC, I completely understand the complete world-view alteration that comes along with a serious injury. God, I was put for a few months with a pregnancy and found that insane, knowing that I’ll never get back to the point of skill? Definitely a huge adjustment. But makes for a very yummy male lead.

As I just mentioned, martial arts gyms are a very familiar world to me. As is the whole idea of using kickboxing as a way to control your emotions. Jiffy Kate gets that feeling of calm that descends on you perfectly. Also, the adrenaline and that feeling of physical potency that comes along with being in control of your own body. I love how Cage encourages Tempest to do things that are a bit out of the world of “normal” to control her anger. And that she chooses to stand up for him and herself when people begin to question her decisions.

Poetic justice and the bad guys being regretful of their stupidity always make me happy. As do beautiful romances. This novel has both. Asher does something truly despicable, gets screwed over and you just sit back smiling at the instant karma. Tempest not only finds a new love and hobby, but she figures out how to shine again. I love that Asher spent so long dragging her down, and not only do his actions screw him over, but they also allow Tempest to finally shine.

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