Wandering the CCC: Book Quotes

Duration: 1st February – 28th February
Number of books: 4
Hosted by:Crazy Challenge Connection

Here’s another challenge designed to encourage you to poke around and see what else the CCC has to offer 🙂 

1. This game is found in the Playground section of CCC and has been running since January 1, 2016.
Read a book that was originally published in 2016 – or – a book with a title that starts with the letter “P” (disregard A, An, The).

2. The instructions begin, “To participate, you must first find the previous page/sentence request, then post the requested sentence from the book that’s closest to you at this very moment.”
Read a book that is the first in a series (tell us the series) – or – a book that you own, printed version only.Sea Witch by Virginia Kantra

3. The next person would turn to that page in his/her book and post the sentence asked for. Example: If I post “page 32, sentence 4”, the next person would go to page 32 of the book that’s easiest to grab and post sentence 4 on that page. Then that person will post the next page/sentence request, and so on. 
Read a book with 3 – 2 – OR 4 in the total # of pages (tell us how many pages) – or – a book showing only one person on the cover (post the cover).Sea Fever by Virginia Kantra (304 pp.)

4. You can get some really short sentences, some really long sentences, and some really silly sentences, but that’s the fun in the game, and it might intrigue someone else enough to check out the book.
Read a book that’s really short (between 150 and 200 pages) or really long (over 500 pages) (tell us how many pages) – or – a book with HUMOR on the main GR genre page.Gene of Isis by Traci Harding (621 pp.)


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