Resonance by Mary E. Choo


Title: Resonance
Author: Mary E. Choo
In: Evolve (Nancy Kilpatrick)
Rating Out of 5: 3.5 (Liked this)
My Bookshelves: Paranormal romance, Vampires
Pace: Slow
Format: Short story
Publisher: Edge
Year: 2010
5th sentence, 74th page: “Good evening, my dear,” he said to a passing caterer.

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We all resonant together through life, but it takes a very special vampire to recognise this fact. And maybe, just maybe, she’ll be able to use it to make others’ lives better.


I liked the idea in this short tale of vampires being able to sense life forces. It isn’t a new idea, but it was dealt with in a unique way. The fact that it is used in a moment to diagnose cancer, and encourage wildlife to run rampant in a backyard, that was novel and fun.

I liked the idea of feeling the “resonance” in each being. I didn’t absolutely adore the pace and writing style of this short story. Ultimately, it is about rising up against an oppressive regiment and finding power in ones own desires that drives this story. The need to feel and live, even when you are undead. And I loved that message, but I found it a little difficult to be swept away by it.

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Image source: Goodreads

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