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Soulfinger by Rio Youers

I’ve been really enjoying short stories that jump around. There is something about the movement through time and quickly changing perceptions which I find enjoyable. The ability of the storyline to whisk you from one story to another completely draws you in. It also makes it a little confusing and difficult to keep track of what is really happening, but it is still incredibly fun.

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Alia’s Angel by Rhea Rose

The idea of a vampire (which I’m assuming Angel is, because it’s never really explicitly explained) in the slums of an apartment building work kind of brilliantly. After all, I really don’t like those stories which tote vampires as the epitome of society. They’re predators. And generally the bad guy. So I kind of liked that there is a story that features one in a kind of horrible position. The dankness fits the theme a lot better than I was expecting.

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The Morning After by Claude Bolduc

I mostly enjoyed the premise of this story. It was just obvious that it was a translated short story, and I think that in that it lost some of its oomph. The general, fun gist of this story was great – but as I said, there were many moments that felt like they could have been more interesting, but there was something that just didn’t make it across translation…

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