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Evolve edited by Nancy Kilpatrick

This wasn’t my favourite collection of short stories. Maybe I’m not all that much into vampire stories, maybe because these are just the type of vampire stories that I really love. The only two tales I really loved in this were by Kelley Armstrong and Tanya Huff. They weren’t necessarily bad tales, just not ones that I was completely enthralled by.

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Quid Pro Quo by Tanya Huff

I struggled a little to get into many of the short stories in the Evolve collection. But, this, as a final ending to the anthology was just amazing. This was exactly the kind of short story that I love, and my biggest complaint is that it ended too soon. I want to find out more about Vicki and Mike and the ways in which they have each other’s backs. I also want to find out why Vicki seems to be different from other vampires…

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How Magnificent is the Universal Donor by Jerome Stueart

Organic eating and healthy living is a huge fad lately. It is definitely something that my generation is obsessed with. So mixing this with another obsession of this generation was a really novel idea. And something that I kind of enjoyed. Conspiracy theories and all. There were just a few not-quite plot holes in this story that made me not enjoy it as much as the idea would have drawn me in.

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Soulfinger by Rio Youers

I’ve been really enjoying short stories that jump around. There is something about the movement through time and quickly changing perceptions which I find enjoyable. The ability of the storyline to whisk you from one story to another completely draws you in. It also makes it a little confusing and difficult to keep track of what is really happening, but it is still incredibly fun.

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