Armor of Roses by Marjorie Liu


Title: Armor of Roses
Author: Marjorie Liu
Series: Hunter Kiss #3.5
In: Inked (Karen Chance, Marjorie M. Liu, Yasmine Galenorn & Eileen Wilks)
Rating Out of 5: 5 (I will read this again and again and again)
My Bookshelves: Dark fantasy, DemonsParanormal fantasy
Pace: Fast
Format: Novella
Publisher: Berkley Books
Year: 2010
5th sentence, 74th page: It was 1944, but this could have been a quiet street sixty years from now.


When New York Times bestselling author Marjorie M. Liu’s demon hunter Maxine Kiss investigates a grisly murder, she finds herself involved in a conspiracy dating back to World War II – and a secret mission that her grandmother may have carried out for the U.S. government, one that involes the mysterious “Armor of Roses.”


Lately I’ve been enjoying a graphic novel series by Marjorie M. Liu & Sana Takeda. So, I already knew that I enjoyed this author. However, reading this novella showed me that she is certainly one that I need to buy more of! And now I have to wait for the books to arrive…

I really enjoyed the swanky opening scene of this story – it was a swanky yacht with a very different crowd and a woman who so completely obviously didn’t fit in. Which, of course, drew me in immediately. Maxine is literally a woman who is surrounded by demons… luckily they are her constant friends and companions. But, it does make it a little difficult for her to fit in with the rest of the crowd she is originally surrounded by. Luckily, this quickly changes and she heads into a world that far better suits her companions.

I really wasn’t expecting a time travel component to this story. Or a greater conspiracy that would draw in World War II. But, it worked brilliantly and it was impossible to put down from the moment Maxine was forced to visit her grandmother. It was a really good journey and, as with all stories that I love, it didn’t go where I expected or predicted. Although, it did kind of hint at the first two novels in this series that I haven’t yet read… which might ruin the storyline a little, but certainly something that I look forward to regardless.

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Image source: Penguin Random House

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