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Wicked Games by Angela Knight

This is definitely not a collection for the faint of heart. It’s pretty graphic and intense. Although, to be fair, Knight does warn the reader of that in her introduction. She admits that some of this is seriously intense and based on the approach to the genre in the past. Which isn’t exactly PG or really all that great to women at times… I love that this book comes with a warning though. Not only did it make me laugh, but it was also great to know exactly what I was getting into before turning the first page… and to know that you probably shouldn’t read this in public.

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A Question of Pleasure by Angela Knight

Of all the stories in Wicked Games, this is the one that I liked the least. They all made me get a little uncomfortable and pushed my boundaries a little… but this one didn’t just push my boundaries, it took me over the edge. Solely because in this the man who supposedly loves his sub woman forces her to be with another man… honestly, BDSM is fine, experiences like what were described in this are fairly acceptable. Being forced into it with a third party. I just don’t see how that is done by someone you love.

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Bondage, Beauty and the Beast by Angela Knight

I’m fairly tame with my sexuality and sex life. So sometimes reading things that are quite imaginary and intense floors me. But, there’s not many that are that intense. I also have a wonderful imagination. This pushed my buttons. Multiple times I thought I’d probably need to put down the story. Mostly because I’m not really comfortable with BDSM I think. I was also fascinated. It was a very, very weird feeling.

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