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Urban Enemies edited by Joseph Nassise

I really enjoyed this collection, but it was a little more difficult to get through. Unlike a lot of anthologies, every single one of these stories was placed in an already established world and series. However, unlike the few other books that I’ve read which have the same setup, these shorts didn’t stand by themselves very well. Actually, some were just downright confusing because I had no idea what was happening.

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Everywhere by Sam Witt

The premise of this short story is kind of terrifying. After all, it’s the way in which a villain is able to make himself be a part of everything. Not exactly the kind of story that makes you feel safe. But, since it’s a tale about the villain of a series… it works perfectly. If you don’t think too hard about the whole hive mind villain thing.

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Balance by Seanan McGuire

This is my first every taste of the InCryptid series. And now I’m so excited that I already have the first novel in this series on my shelves. There was just something completely amazing about the idea of cryptids (monsters) that are hunted down for preying on humans. And writing this whole short story from the point of view of the monster… freaking, totally and utterly brilliant. I’m hooked. I’m happy.

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The Difference Between Deceit and Delusion by Domino Finn

This entire story was just a complete, total and utter massacre. Which I loved. Because I’m a blood-thirsty little freak. But it’s probably not okay that I actually enjoyed this much death and killing. I grinned the whole way through this story. Completely unable to remove the grin from my face. But, it’s hooked me into this series. So obviously it was a story that was worth reading and a series that will make it to the top of my TBR list.

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Unexpected Choices by Diana Pharaoh Francis

So far in the collection of Urban Enemies, this is the most coherent story. All the other stories, you definitely have to read the rest of the series, or at least some of it, to understand the characters. To the point that I’ve almost given up… almost. And then you get a story like this… which makes sense completely on its own. I still feel like I need to read the series attached to this. But because it was such a great story, not because I finished it and sat there wondering “huh”?

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Chase the Fire by Jon F. Merz

When I started this short story, I just kind of assumed that Shiraz was going to be the big, master villain of whatever series this is part of. There was something wonderfully sinister and intense about him. But, as the story found its conclusion, I’m beginning to think that he’s getting outdone by a far more insidious villain that the hero won’t see coming.

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Make it Snappy by Faith Hunter

It’s been a little while since I picked up a Jane Yellowrock novel. It just seems to have fallen on the wayside of the series that I’m insanely digging through. I also tend to be a bit of a book slut – I’ll read one or two books from a series, and then move on to another one. I’m currently reading about 190 different series. Having said that, I did love revisiting this world and the introduction that this short story provides to Leo and his heir, Katie.

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Altar Boy by Jonathan Maberry

I love that this short story features a “recovering bad guy”. Unlike the other short stories in the Urban Enemies collection, this villain isn’t really trying to be a villain anymore. Rather, he is trying to atone for some of the horrifying acts that he has committed in the past. It’s a nice change from the more typical villain stories throughout the collection.

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Bellum Romanum by Carrie Vaughn

Thoroughly enjoyed the idea of a villain who is simply seeking revenge on the entire paranormal community because he was forced to join it. No more sinister, intense reason, nothing else going on… he’s basically just cracking the shits because someone turned him against his will, so he may as well burn the whole world down because of it. Talk about a temper tantrum.

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