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His Magick Touch by Kimberly Killion

I was kind of expecting the woman in this to die and become miraculously bought back by one of the fae, or some equally mysterious being. It didn’t quite work out like that, but I enjoyed the fact. After all, instead of being rescued by a mysterious man creature, she was rescued by the man whom she had loved for a long time and known her entire life. Which I always enjoy in a story, love doesn’t always bloom in the space of a moment, but over a lifetime of knowledge.

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Beloved Beast by Lois Greiman

This short story really made me think of Oliver Twist. There’s a somewhat innocent pick pocket. A not so nice man in charge, and a protector who ends up saving the day. Alright, I don’t think that a protector actually saved the day in Oliver Twist… I remember a vaguely sad and disturbed ending (although it has been a long time since I’ve visited the story).

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The Curse of Wolf Crag by Susan Sizemore

This story needed to be longer. I loved it. I thought that the romance in it was great. But the development of the relationship went from negative to positive waaaaaaaaaaay too fast. I love when past antagonisms fester and must be overcome to create a happy future together. However, in the caes of The Curse of Wolf Crag, one moment Tara is yelling at her beau and the next she is having sex with him. Talk about negative to positive on the flip of a coin…

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The Rebel by Julianne MacLean

I loved that this story was set during a war – it’s not something that I tend to read about often, but it worked incredibly beautifully. Especially considering the strength of character of Alex. Where there were so many moments for him to act less than honourably, he still managed to keep this level of honour and respect to everything. Which made this one of the sweetest stories in this collection so far – it wasn’t fuelled by lust, but an honourable kind of love.

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Magick in the Mist by Debbie Mazzuca

The theme of fate and love is always something that suckers me in. The fact that these themes are based within the Scottish highlands in a time long gone… believe me, I was drawn into this story almost immediately. Especially since Isobel is obviously a woman with an amazing brain, and one who isn’t happy to just take what is convenient, but rather what is going to give her her happily ever after.

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At Last by Jacquie D’Alessandro

This was so incredibly sweet a story. Not only is it a nice historical romance set in England in the 1820’s, it also features a man who will do anything for his woman. And a woman who, though she loves dearly, will do anything to protect her son. The amount of passion and love in just a few short pages was just darling, and the fact that it was set against a romanticised English backdrop somehow just made it all the more fluid and beautiful.

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Curse Me Wicked by Elle Jasper

I enjoyed the werewolf theme in this story. It was fairly typical but set amongst the gorgeous moors of Scotland. I also didn’t find it all that romantic, even though it was in a romantic collection of short stories. Lucien is a werewolf, finds his mate and just turns her. There is no courting, no anything. He just recognises the woman who is supposed to be his soulmate and decides to change her entire life.

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Forever Knight by Jackie Ivie

This story took a number of unexpected turns. The only part that really went as expected to be honest, was the fact that the lead male and female ended up together. After all, this is in a collection of romance stories (I wonder if I’ll ever read a romance that ends… not so romantic…??)

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The Pagan Bride by Patricia Grasso

I was honestly annoyed at the beginning of this story. Avril was married to a man ten years her senior when she was five years-old. Now, as an adult she is returning to his estate and taking her place as a wife. And he’s quite rude from the very beginning – leaving her waiting, assuming that he gets his “husbandly rights”… he’s kind of a douche. But, he gets better, and even though I don’t actually like him at the end of the story, I do like their relationship.

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