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Moby-Dick by Herman Melville

I can totally see why this is such a well-known classic. It was a very enjoyable and intense story. And, even though I only gave it 3 stars, I would totally read it again. I felt like throughout this I was actually missing quite a bit… so I would actually quite enjoy re-reading this and picking up on all of the bits and pieces that I missed. Actually, I think that this is one of those stories, that no matter how many times you read it… you’ll always find something new to the story that you just didn’t notice before.

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Rising Sea Levels – Are We the Culprits?

We’ve all heard a tonne of different reasons for rising sea levels – climate change, a delayed reaction to the last ice age, a natural change in our surrounds and climate (because, after all, the world changes). But what’s the scientific evidence to back this up? Do we really know the reason behind rising sea levels? Is it a little bit our fault, but a little bit inevitable? It’s a constant debate in the media, and I’m sure as ocean lovers (like myself), it is a question that you also ponder. Are rising sea levels my fault, or is it something else?

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Are the Oceans Becoming Quieter?

If you love marine life (which you obviously do since you’re getting the Reef Watcher), then you’ve heard about ocean acidification. Actually, I think that just about everybody has heard about it. And every time we turn around, scientists have discovered a new problem associated with it. Or at least that’s how it seems because it turns out that ocean acidification is now silencing our oceans. Who knew?

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Cuttlefish Choose Their Battles Wisely

All animals have to reproduce. It’s how the next generation is created and how an animal’s genetics are passed on. But how do two male cuttlefish fight for a mate? Most fish don’t have to compete, as they release clouds of sperm and eggs into the water and fertilisation occurs. Most large land mammals have epic battles that end in the crashing of two large bodies together, and some whales have marathon races that last for hours, so that the female can determine the fittest and most suitable mate.

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