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Foundation by Lainey Davis


Title: Foundation
Author: Lainey Davis
Series: Brady Family #1
Rating Out of 5: 4 (Really good read!)
My Bookshelves: Contemporary, Contemporary romance
Pace: Medium
Format: eBook, Novel
Year: 2020


I love that this is a romance in which two people fall in love while training for a marathon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a huge fan of running, but, I can understand how two people going through some pretty intense training can get to know each other quite quickly. Plus, there’s the whole sex immediately after running endorphins thing which is amazing. And the uniqueness of falling in love when marathon training – a pathway that I haven’t often seen throughout my many, many, many contemporary romance readings.

I do need to read more about The Stags though. I love that this is the beginning of the romances for the Brady Family, but there were so many allusions to the Stag family and how they all fell in love. Since Nicole is a peripheral character in some of their lives, I can’t wait to get to know that family all that much more. Plus, it just gives me yet another rabbit hole to dive into with my reading… because I don’t have enough of them already.

Isaac is so completely damaged by his mother’s abandonment and his perceived outside status in his own family. As with all of the flawed characters, there were times that this was incredibly frustrating. But I love how he manages to eventually find a way to work past his crap. In fact, he finally realises that a lot of what he is feeling is projected by himself, not caused by the people who actually love him the most. I’m so wonderfully glad that ultimately he doesn’t let this totally ruin his relationship with his family.

Nicole is an absolute supreme boss woman. Something that is incredibly difficult to be if I’m being honest. I particularly love the moment when she decides to actually take back control of her professional life. Yet, unlike many of the boss woman tropes I come across, Nicole isn’t nasty or totally closed of from others. She’s assertive and confident in herself, and uses that to stop people from completely railroading her. I also love that Isaac isn’t intimidated by this at all. In fact, he actually admires her power and encourages it, without finding it threatening in any way, shape or form.

Foundation is a wonderfully sweet and endearing story. It left me smiling and feeling incredibly comfortable when I turned that final page. The perfect late night read for when your brain isn’t quite firing on all cylinders. And one that has added a whole new author to my TBR.

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