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Down by the River by Robyn Carr

I loved this conclusion to the Grace Valley Trilogy. Everything has come full circle and June gets her happily ever after. It was a great way to spend the day… reading this while I had a serious migraine and really couldn’t stomach the idea of moving. There is just something inherently sweet and cute about Carr’s writing and, with this trilogy focusing on just the one woman and the town that she loves… that feeling of sweetness just increased.

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Just Over the Mountain by Robyn Carr

High school sweethearts are always an interesting topic. An interesting thought process – the entire centre of the whole “what if” thought. So a novel in which June has finally found a guy, but then her big “what if” returns home? It was always going to be one that drew me in… especially when there is this sense of unanswered questions and serious history rife throughout the story. And anger, because where would a history and intensity be without a sense of anger and outrage?

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Deep in the Valley by Robyn Carr

I read this after reading the first two Virgin River books (Virgin River and Shelter Mountain) and I kind of wish I had have known about the Grace Valley Trilogy first. After all, it talks about characters that you come to love in Virgin River, so you kind of know what June has in store for her future. Which made it a little less exciting. But only the teensiest, tiniest bit.

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