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Sweet by Claire G Coleman

I’ve read a novel by Coleman not long ago. And what struck me most about her writing was the fact that she was able to take issues which are constantly occurring in our daily lives, flip them on our head and make you see things from a totally different perspective. The fact that she did that in this short story, all based around gender, made me literally clap my hands in joy.

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Taking Loup by Bruce Glassco

To be honest, it can be kind of terrifying sometimes to be a woman in the world today. I can only imagine what it would be like for women in the past, for those in a developing country… what I loved about this short story was that it totally flipped all of the expectations of what a women experiences on its head. A total and utter gender reversal.

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Signed Confession by Martin Feekins

This short story takes place twenty-two years after the final canon Ripper murder. Unlike all of the other stories in this collection which take place in either modern-day society or at the time of the murders. It was nice to have a story that not only left you with an idea of some of the scars left on the city, but also with a bit of an ending to the Ripper tale.

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Bluebeard’s Wife by Catherine Lundoff

This short story seriously highlights the archaic and incredibly disturbed ideas that some people have about women. Or at least, the leading theory of the day in which Jack the Ripper was stalking the streets of Whitechapel. And somehow, reading a voice that found a way to completely justify his actions… far more terrifying than a mad man. A mad man is sick. The Ripper in this version just thought he was doing his husbandly duties… so many levels of not okay.

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