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Fantasy by Christine Feehan, Sabrina Jeffries, Emma Holly & Elda Minger

I bought this because I had a few weeks / months of obsession with Christine Feehan. I didn’t expect to find more authors to be completely obsessed about. Alright, I read another Emma Holly story the month before I read this one, but still… three new awesome authors and four beautifully simple and cute novellas to spend my nights forgetting about the world around me… what more could a girl want?

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Mr. Speedy by Elda Minger

There are so many issues with gender and courting. There’s also so many things about it that are ridiculously fun. But those people that think women are just something to prey upon? Well, that’s where it gets seriously problematic… and this novella perfectly encompasses that. By featuring a backdrop of a seminar designed to get women into bed… in the worst way possible.

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Luisa’s Desire by Emma Holly

Although there is no point in this story in which it is stated that Luisa is a vampire. Or really anything akin, but that’s definitely the vibe I got from this novella. A vampire who wants to live blood-free and without having to rely on anyone else. The fact that she goes to an obscure hideaway in the mountains of Tibet to find a monk who can help her to do this… well, it was just such a different take on an old favourite.

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The Widow’s Auction by Sabrina Jeffries

This was not really the story that I was expecting. The name made it sound a little more raunchy. And, since it is found in a book that is more of the paranormal romance kilter – I was expecting a werewolf or vampire thrown in there. I did not expect to read a story about a widow and her philanthropic choices in life. Her slightly unorthodox upbringing. Or even about the man that she eventually falls for. None of the aspects of this story were as expected, even when I read the blurb. And I certainly didn’t regret picking this up in the slightest. It was a lot of fun, and incredibly cute.

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The Awakening by Christine Feehan

This is the beginning of my second Christine Feehan series. And I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I loved that this was a lot edgier and a little harsher than the Drake Sisters series. And the people in this are a lot more isolated. But it was a great introduction to a whole new world and set of characters. I loved the setting amongst the Borneo rainforest and the sense of eerie mystery that surrounded Maggie and Brandt’s courtship.

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