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The Mechanical Aviary of Emperor Jala-ud-din Muhammad Akbar by Shweta Narayan

I really enjoyed this story. The idea of a mechanical aviary built by a mechanical bird in and of itself is a great little story. Add to this the fact that a tale of morals is interwoven throughout, and this was the most fun I’ve had in the past few weeks. It was just so beautifully different and engaging. Without being overbearing in the way the message is outlined.

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Princess in Training by Meg Cabot

Although I like these stories, I can’t help but think that Lilly is a dick. EVERY TIME I READ THEM. Like, literally the worst friend a girl could ask for. And not even in an entertaining, she accidentally causes issues way. In a very irritating, self-centred, annoying way that makes me want to reach through the pages and smack her around. And then smack Mia around for letting herself be treated in this way. There is selfish. And then there is Lilly…

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Dreams by Keri Arthur

I have read the first Riley Jenson Guardian novel, but haven’t gotten any further into the series. It’s a pretty intense erotica and sexual story, so I definitely have to be in the right kind of mood for it. But when I read Dreams in my short story collection the other night, I remembered just why I have kept this collection on my shelves. It’s easy, fun and more than a little raunchy.

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The Fish Ladder by Katharine Norbury

I needed to read a book with a river on the cover. When I googled such a requirement, this is one of the few books that came up. And man, am I glad that it did. There is just something about the winding, lazy way in which Norbury tells her story that was both completely relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable. Although I have nothing to compare her adventures to, I almost feel like there is a part of me that has now been discovered and it gives me the inspiration to go forth into my own life and keep finding my own way forward.

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