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Boiling Point by Alex Howard

This retelling of the Jack the Ripper case took a more conspiracy theory ridden outlook than many others that I’ve read. It played on the idea of racism and people in power carrying these ideals. It even outlaid a future plan for the Ripper until he is stopped. A greatly different point of view in fictional retellings of the notorious butcher that I have read so far.

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Kosher by Michael Gregorio

The introduction to this story filled me with intrigue. Not because it was a great opening to a story, but it explained where the author’s origin to this story came from. Accompanied by a photo, it made this story seem all the more plausible. And one that I would almost like to imagine actually happened.

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Catch Me When You Can… by M. Christian

This was a bit of a harder tale to follow than some others. It was kind of jumpy and a little hard to follow. I’m not even 100% sure I understood what was actually going on… I think this was a tale about the five different known victims of Jack the Ripper. Their experiences and the huge gaps in our knowledge of their lives beforehand. The reasons for their murders… and if I’m right, this was actually kind of well done. Leaving me feeling quite confused and as though there is so much more information out there… which is exactly what people who are fascinated by Jack the Ripper feel (I would imagine).

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A Mote of Black Memory by Josh Reynolds

I’m a big believer in the idea that things that we do in an area leave residual energy. It’s why if I’m ever sick or have bad mental health moments, I don’t rewear those clothes until they have been thoroughly washed. I don’t want the residues to continue hanging around my body. So it makes total sense to me that there is a story which focuses on the residual energies of Jack the Ripper in Whitechapel. And just how dangerous this can be to those who seek it out.

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Blue Serge by Martin Edwards

This short story really made me decide to pick up my book on The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper. It had this beautiful complexity and background to the storyline that I wasn’t expecting. There was also a lot of information and context in it that completely went over my head because I really don’t know all that much about Jack the Ripper.

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