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Devil’s Contract by E.S. Magill

I hate signing contracts. They’re legally binding, and either too boring or convoluted to read. Which is exactly the fear that this short story (of a sort) taps into. Actually, the thing that I loved most about this short story is how witty it is. And how much it taps into our approaches to contracts and legislation. And the global take over of some big companies…

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The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett

I have had The Colour of Magic in my bookshelf since Terry Pratchett passed away. After all, I wanted to see what all of the hype was about. As usual though, I was a little delayed with opening the actual book. However, I really wasn’t disappointed. This story was funny, entertaining and cute. It was incredibly fun and easy to read, and I was really sad when it was all over.

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Bones Season Eight – Review

The changes that begun in the seventh season of Bones smoothly morph into a new dynamic and new relationships throughout the eighth season of Bones. Although there are many ups and downs, and honestly, who doesn’t like a roller coaster ride of emotions in a series? Booth and Brennan finally seem to settle into their relationship and parenthood.

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Bones Season Seven – Review

This season changed the tone of Bones completely. This entirely different ‘feel’ is a welcome change, it shows that the writers and creators of the show do not remain stagnant in their creativity. Not only has Booth and Bones’ relationship completely changed, but she also becomes a mother. I love that, like everything else that Brennan does in the series, she doesn’t act purely conventionally when raising her young child. Nor does she acclimate into having a relationship with Booth steadily. But, these challenges and character quirks that we have all become so used to add humour and flavour to situations that would otherwise be quite disturbing and droll.

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Bones Season Six – Review

This is the season of chasing. Brennan chases Booth as Booth pursues his relationship with Hannah. It is also about Booth chasing the anti-Booth, the main villain within this story. And, as with all good stories, the chase is the journey, but there are some great and fascinating conclusions to these races of the heart. I spent most of season six on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what would come next, and obstinately holding my breath.

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Bones Season Five – Review

This is my least favourite season of Bones to date. It is still brilliant, full of great science and engaging plot lines, but it is just lacking that extra thing that the other seasons seem to have. Although, the story did slowly build until the stunning season finale. It is this climax of the season that helps to redeem the series in my eyes. A heart pluckingly beautiful season finale that is full of a heartfelt farewell with things left unspoken and words left unsaid.

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Bones Season Four – Review

After the chilling season finale of season three, it was hard to see how the Bones cast would return for season four. But, the expansion of the ‘family’ was brilliantly done and actually made me love the series even more. Zack was gorgeous and easy to love, but having the flexibility of multiple interns gave the stories in each episode entirely different and unique flavours. The variety drew me in beautifully.

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Bones Season Three – Review

The third season of Bones was disappointingly short and left me wanting so much more, but it was still amazing. This was the season of deepening relationships between the characters. The first two seasons introduced our beloved cast and forged the relationships between them. But it was in this year that those relationships became so much more meaningful and deep. Even the Angela – Jack relationship was expanded upon in the form of hunting for her ex-husband.

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NCIS Season One – Review

I grew up watching NCIS, version 2.0 (with Ziva the main lead). So it was really good fun going back to the very first season and re-watching the entire saga. Plus, getting to know Special Agent Kate Todd was like a breath of fresh air. The mixture of Agent Gibbs, Anthony DiNozzo and the forensics team creates a dynamic cast and on-screen family that you immediately fall in love with.

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