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Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan

I’ve been meaning and meaning to get to this novel for a while. After all, it finishes out a great series that I have absolutely adored and I also hated that the very final book in a trilogy has just been sitting, unread on my shelves. Now that I’ve read it… wow… I definitely should have sunk my teeth into this WAY WAY earlier.

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Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

I CANNOT believe how amazing this book was!!! Totally floored. Totally in love and completely gobsmacked by the awesomeness of this. I am totally obsessed with the movie, so I was kind of expecting to like that better (it rarely happens, but sometimes if I love the movie, the book falls flat). But that was not the case. This book neither ruined the movies for me, or made me never want to read the books again. I now have a double obsession, both for different reasons.

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