New Blanket!!!

On Friday I finally got my weighted blanket! I’ve been hanging out for it for 2 weeks. And it arrived!!! And I slept!! And it might be my favourite thing ever… I’ve always suffered from anxiety. But over the last 2 months I’ve also had slight insomnia. Which explains the not posting and blogging. The…

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Steampunk: Looking to the Future Through the Lens of the Past by Ekaterina Sedia

I wasn’t expecting this as the beginning to an anthology of steampunk short stories. I thought that the collection would start with, well… an actual short story. Instead it started with a great insight into how the genre of steampunk has grown and expanded over the years. Mentions of some of the famous large names in the genre and just a great insight into some of the themes and messages that are carried throughout.

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Fade to Black by Sherri Erwin

I feel like there needs to be more to this story. It is short, sweet and multilayered in its world construction. The fact that vampirism is treated as a virus and there is an ancient rivalry between the two male leads creates an engaging world. Yet, it ends so quickly when she hasn’t actually quite chosen which male she wants to try for. Mostly the lead makes a decision about herself, and kind of rides off into the sunset. With a lot of questions unanswered. This is generally why I didn’t give this tale as large a rating as I normally would have. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing and the world construction, but it just felt… open.

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Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

This was one of those random, second hand, impulse buys. I had no idea what to expect. I had never heard of it. And, man, am I glad that I picked this up. It was a great story, but not so grab you by the throat that I forgot about everything else around me. There was a wonderful, strong heroine. An engaging world and storyline. And even a bit of a love story thrown in. I’ve found a new series and author to obsess over!

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4th Quarter Challenge

Duration: 1st October – 31st December Number of books: 8 Hosted by: Bookworm Bitches Rules: ~Books must be read during the selected time period. ~Post a link to the book, date you finished and rating ~All books read for challenges can be used for more than one challenge. ~Books can be either Fiction or Non Fiction. Your choice.…

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Changes Challenge

Duration: 1st October – 31st October Number of books: 3 Hosted by: Bookworm Bitches There are 3 tasks, you only need to read three books to finish this challenge. Or pick one task and read 3 books for that one task. Thank you to Valyssia and Lori for the challenge ideas. October 1. Read a book where there…

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Queen of the Damned

Duration: 1st October – 31st December Number of books: 20 Hosted by: My Vampire Book Obsession ♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱ Duration  October 1st – December 31st Levels  Jester – 10 Books Knight – 15 Books Royal – 20 Books Prove your Courage.  1. Read a book with a courageous character. 2. Read a book over 400 pages long. 3. Read a…

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