A Question of Pleasure by Angela Knight

Of all the stories in Wicked Games, this is the one that I liked the least. They all made me get a little uncomfortable and pushed my boundaries a little… but this one didn’t just push my boundaries, it took me over the edge. Solely because in this the man who supposedly loves his sub woman forces her to be with another man… honestly, BDSM is fine, experiences like what were described in this are fairly acceptable. Being forced into it with a third party. I just don’t see how that is done by someone you love.

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Red Moon Rising by Lori Handeland

I’m definitely hooked on this series. There is just something about actually having werewolves as the bad guys that is such a great departure from what I typically read. Adding in a skinwalker in this novella just made me fall even harder for this series. Now I just have to find the next book in the series… it’s buried in one of my many piles of books at the moment I believe.

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Midnight Express by Michael Swanwick

The set up for this short story is brilliant. The entire thing is a two-way conversation between the would-be lovers. And then the lovers during the act. It’s not only able to describe what is going on between the characters, but also the world that is built up in this story. It’s amazing how such a unique structure creates a wonderful story that lingers long after you turn the final page.

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We Never Sleep by Nick Mamatas

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. It’s not something I lend a lot of time to at the moment, but it is something which draws me. Constantly. So reading a story that had snippets of attempts at writing throughout. Reading a story which was all about the pursuit of writing something amazing… it definitely drew me in and tugged at some familiar little heart strings.

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The Ship of the Dead by Rick Riordan

This is a great ending to a really good, fun series. I love that Riordan deals with outsiders in all of his series. But, in particular, I love that this series ends with a gender fluid person finding their happily ever after. Plus, it does explain a lot about the different “outsiders”, not just through Alex and their gender identity, but also with a great Muslim character who is devout, sweet and quite capable of kicking everyone’s butt.

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Falling for the Highlander by Lynsay Sands

This Scottish romance is the first in the series which feature the Buchanan brothers. Ever since they were mentioned in To Marry a Scottish Laird, I’ve been fascinated by Saidh’s mention of them. And, then, when she features in the next novel and her brothers come in to steal the show… I just wanted to know everything I could about each of the brothers! So when Dougall featured in this, with three of his brothers as a sidekick… I got seriously excited! The fact that Murine was also introduced previously and is such a sweetheart… it was hard to stop thinking about this book whenever I put it down.

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The Highlander Takes a Bride by Lynsay Sands

Saidh has intrigued me since I met her in To Marry a Scottish Laird. After all, a Scottish lady who is a little more course, with seven brothers who she frequently beats up? I’m going to be in love with that kind of woman from the very mention. The fact that the next book is all about her… well, I loved it even more. She refuses to conform to expectations, and, even when her brothers are pushing the issue a little, she still maintains her own sense of identity and self.

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Bondage, Beauty and the Beast by Angela Knight

I’m fairly tame with my sexuality and sex life. So sometimes reading things that are quite imaginary and intense floors me. But, there’s not many that are that intense. I also have a wonderful imagination. This pushed my buttons. Multiple times I thought I’d probably need to put down the story. Mostly because I’m not really comfortable with BDSM I think. I was also fascinated. It was a very, very weird feeling.

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Black Sunday by Kim Lakin-Smith

This is a really tragic short story. It is worrying and sad. And all about how peoples’ jealous and corruption can twist and corrupt something good. How jealousy can become a horrible curse which brings down a family of good people. Although I do enjoy how the ending makes those people who caused the harm actually feel guilty at the end of it all.

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