We had a games night last night. It was fun. Entertaining. And now I’m a little hungover…so I’m just going to continue lying here. On the couch. Finishing my book… Advertisements

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Dynamite Junior by Jennifer Mathieu

It’s been a few days since I read this – I haven’t actually had the chance to sit at my computer until now to write. And the more that I think about it, the more I like this story. It’s a reminder of the cruelties that people inflict on each other. Especially when they are in high school. Although this is a side story that belongs to Mathieu’s bigger novel, it works beautifully as a stand alone.

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Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh

I loved Singh’sPsy-Changeling series. So when I realised that she had a series about vampires and vampire hunters. And angels? I was fascinated. Although I read the three novellas that fit in before the occurrences of Angels’ Blood, I was still incredibly confused about how this world works. And although this story answers so many questions, so many, many more were raised. Which is kind of how a good book should be.

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Bridge of Snow by Marie Rutkoski

I really like stories that are retellings of traditional tales. Those tales that tell you how the milkyway was formed, how the emu got its name (one of the versions is really quite funny if you have a chance to look it up)… those kinds of tales. And apparently, according to this short story’s introduction, so does Rutkoski. Which was an incredibly fun and pleasant surprise for me. And now I get to start a new, exciting series that I have never heard of before! (Yes, there is a very good chance that I have a book shopping problem…)

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Tough Mothers by Jason Porath

I loved Rejected Princesses. I loved this. There are no other words for my feelings when it comes to this book. Finally, finally there are some great books out there on the many women in history! The fact that this is one about women who are mothers and also completely kick ass makes it much better. It’s a reminder that we can be mothers as well as politicians, doctors, just women of power and change in general. I actually can’t wait to show these books to my future (theoretical) children – to show them the many different things that they can become. And even the women who have helped to pave the way for this.

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Monday Mourning by Kathy Reichs

Mondays suck. And I love that this was highlighted not only in Reichs’ title for this novel, but also in the fact that every important moment in this story came on a Monday. Each revelation and spinning of the spider’s web happens on that horrible day, and ultimately, the climax and kind of horrible ending (in the best sense possible) also occurs on a Monday. Like I said, Mondays suck.

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I Got Nothing

I've been wracking my brain all week for something interesting to write about. Wondering what interesting thing happened this week. And I got nothing. 

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Typecast by Jeff Ryan

You could kind of see how this story was going to end in the first few sentences. For starters, the title is Typecast, it implies the fitting of certain roles to an idea. Specifically when you are introduced to a casting director in LA. And one that is hunting for the perfect serial killer…

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First Bones by Kathy Reichs

One of the things that I love about the Temperance Brennan series is that the science and emotions are spot on. In this origin story, it’s the emotions that really come to the fore and provide a strong storyline. Actually, this novella made me shed a tear when I finished it.

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