Beyond the Dark by Lora Leigh, Angela Knight, Emma Holly & Diane Whiteside

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Title: Beyond the Dark
Author: Lora Leigh, Angela Knight, Emma Holly & Diane Whiteside
In: Beyond the Dark (Lora Leigh, Angela Knight, Emma Holly & Diane Whiteside)
Rating Out of 5: 4 (Really good read!)
My Bookshelves: EroticaParanormal romance, Short story collections
Dates read: 4th – 18th May 2021
Pace: Medium
Format: Novella
Publisher: Jove
Year: 2007
5th sentence, 74th page: No, I’ll just… I’ll just…


Go beyond your wildest fantasies.
Go beyond your most forbidden dreams.
Go further than any woman has ever dared to go…

Four bestselling authors of paranormal romance and erotic thrills take readers into a seductive midnight world of demons, mages, vampires, and knights, of queens with devilish secrets, and of devils with secret desires. Going this far is so dangerous, so exciting, so captivating, you may never want to come back down to earth.


I really, really enjoyed this collection. It was full of romance, fun and lust. A little more intensely erotic than some of my romances. But also not overbearingly so. The perfect balance for the type of stories that I enjoy.

I did buy this because at the moment I’m devouring the Breeds series by Lora Leigh. However, it did get bumped up my wishlist because I know and thoroughly enjoy the other three authors. I also like that the story by Emma Holly is also part of a series that I’m already half reading. Then the other two novellas were beautifully pleasant standalones.

This collection was darkly sensual and seriously wonderful. I loved jumping into these four worlds and being swept away. A collection that I will definitely read again.

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