Falling Under Love by Langley Gray

Falling Under Love by Langley Gray

Title: Falling Under Love
Author: Langley Gray
Series: The Socialites #1
Rating Out of 5: 5 (I will read this again and again and again)
My Bookshelves: Chic lit, Contemporary, Contemporary romance
Dates read: 8th March 2021
Pace: Fast
Format: ARC, eBook, Novella
Publisher: Langley Gray
Year: 2021
5th sentence, 74th page: She couldn’t imagine he’d go to all the effort of declining each of her calls so quickly.


A billionaire romance – reimagined.

Winnie grew up in fortune and infamy and now wants nothing to do with her family’s dirty money. She’s determined to break away from the Whitman name and is well on her way to funding her new nonprofit, without any help from her family connections.

Winnie has been too focused on her work to make time for love until one rainy night she runs into a stranger while trying to catch a cab. Winnie and the stranger are so taken with one another, they forget to exchange contact information.

When her friends find out that “too busy for love” Winnie is showing interest in someone, they hatch a plan to remedy the missed connection. But will Winnie have any idea what to do when love comes her way? And will the stranger on the street distract her from her goals, or will he turn out to be more than just a pair of pretty eyes?

A story of finding love with best friends by your side to help you through it.

This is the first in a series following four single best friends who are all billionaires in their own right. This standalone book follows one of the ladies: Winnie Whitman, as she fumbles her way into love.


I received a copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

I absolutely adored the ARC I received of The Flyaway Bride, and since I couldn’t get my hands on a copy in Australia, I ended up emailing the author. She is amazing and sent me a copy of the first book in this series. It’s taken me a little while… but I finally managed to get around to reading this! And it was absolutely amazing! I loved Winnie’s story and getting to know her that much better left me smiling like a fool.

I don’t come from money or privilege, so I can’t imagine what it must be like to question every relationship and wonder why people are talking to me / trying to bond with me. It made it a little heartbreaking that Winnie had to constantly contend with such a reality. And that it was a misunderstanding of this exact nature that threw a spanner in the works.

There is a beautiful fate feeling to this whole story. One that makes you believe that Zane and Winnie are just meant to be together. After all, from the very first moment they just keep… tripping over one another. And, even though there is a little bit of a fight on Winnie’s side not to succumb… it’s not much of a fight at all.

This was a beautiful, adorable and wonderful story. One that I just couldn’t put down and forget about. It left me feeling happy and content. Which, for me, is what a good romance is all about. A lovely diversion from reality for a while.

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