Reluctance by Cherie Priest

The Mammoth Book of Steampunk

Title: Reluctance
Author: Cherie Priest
In: The Mammoth Book of Steampunk (Sean Wallace)
Rating Out of 5: 3.5 (Liked this)
My Bookshelves:  SteampunkWesterns
Pace: Slow
Format: Short story
Publisher: Robinson
Year: 2008
5th sentence, 74th page: He moved like a compass pinned to a map.

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A regular pit stop to change his aircraft and swap over his loads in Reluctance becomes something far more sinister and worrying in this fantastic short story.


When I finally sat down to write this review a few days after finishing Reluctance, it took me a little while to recall what it was about. It isn’t one of those stories that glaringly sits in my mind. And that’s mostly because it was just a fun and easy read. It’s very good, but it’s not the sort of story that I usually read, and, unlike many of the other books in this collection, it didn’t have an overwhelming message that I took away when I’d turned the last page.

Having said that, when I remembered which story this was. I remembered how much I enjoyed it at the time. Actually, it kind of made me think of Firefly. Which I miss. And I’m annoyed that it was only one season… but I digress. It had that great western cowboy feel to it. partnered with the futuristic spaceships and steampunk machinery. A fantastic little world to lose yourself in for ten, fifteen minutes.

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