Dangerously Driven by Deborah Blake


Dangerously DrivenTitle: Dangerously Driven
Author: Deborah Blake
Series: Broken Riders #3.5, Baba Yaga World #6.5
Rating Out of 5: 5 (I will read this again and again and again)
My Bookshelves: FaeMythology, Paranormal romance
Pace: Medium
Format: Novella
Publisher: Deborah Blake
Year: 2018
5th sentence, 74th page: “Ah,” Jazz said, lifting one finger into the air.

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The Riders… three legendary brothers who were born to aid the Baba Yagas, until tragedy changed everything. Separated by guilt and circumstance, they will finally have a chance to come back together. But what will happen when they do?

Neither Mikhail, Alexei, nor Gregori are enthusiastic about the invtiation to join the three Baba Yagas at Bella’s home in the Wyoming woods. But Bella and her apprentice Jazz have just spent a year in the Otherworld after Jazz’s disastrous attempt to cure the Riders’ loss of their immortality, so it isn’t really a summons any of them can refuse. As much as they might wish they could.

Each brother has his own reason to feel guilty, and they all mourn what they have lost despite having built themselves rewarding new lives. None of them is quite ready for a reunion. But they no longer have all the time in the world. So they get on their enchancted steeds (now a black Harley, a red Ducati, and a white Yamaha) and head out across the country, never expecting the adventures that lie ahead.

The brothers travel different roads to get to Wyoming, but they all end up on the same path. A surprise visit from an old friend might just show them that the journey is more important than the destination… especially when you travel it with those you love.


This was a cute way to tie in the three brother Riders after the Broken Riders series. It also lets us revisit the Baba Yagas and their apprentices. Something that I found incredibly enjoyable and refreshing. There’s also the lingering hint of a future tale in the last words and scene of this novella.

I loved the world of the Baba Yagas and every time Blake creates a new novella or story that fits into the world, I have a lot of fun revisiting something that I so thoroughly enjoyed previously. And Dangerously Driven was no different. It let us revisit all of our beloved characters and also find out how their lives ended up.

Dangerously Driven visits each of the three brothers and follows them as they journey to their reunion. In more ways than one. It left such a happy feeling in the pit of my stomach to find the three brothers united and with a goal in life yet again. Definitely a nice way to tie up the Broken Riders trilogy and one that I would certainly suggest to lovers of this series.

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