Earth Bound by Christine Feehan


Earth BoundTitle: Earth bound
Author: Christine Feehan
Series: Sisters of the Heart #4, Sea Haven #11
Rating Out of 5: 5 (I will read this again and again and again)
My Bookshelves: The CoastElementsFamilyMagicParanormal romance
Pace: Fast
Format: Novel
Publisher: Jove
Year: 2015
5th sentence, 74th page: I’d like to come if I have time.

Buy The Book Now at The Book Depository, Free Delivery World Wide Synopsis

After escaping from a cult, Lexi found refuge with her sisters on the farm that more than sustained her body – it nurtured her soul as well. But she never forgot the terror she left behind or the always present fear that the cult would find her again, and claim her. Then her nightmare came true.

Lexi was discovered and threatened – only to be suddenly saved by a stranger. He is Gavriil Prakenskii, and he’s awestruck by the woman he has rescued. She is destined for him. He can feel it in his soul. But how can Lexi find happiness with a man steeped in secrets and shadows, one intimately acquainted with violence, and whose very love could be the death of them?


This was so heart wrenching. And heartbreaking. And just generally completely gut wrenching. Lexi is such a sweet and adorable character. And her past is stomach-curdlingly ill-inspiring. The fact that she ends up with the most damaged of the Prakenskii brothers too helps to make this both beautiful and… well, heartbreaking. There really is no other word. This seriously tore at the heartstrings and made it impossible to put the story down.

Where most of the other tales feature sex quite strongly, Lexi’s past makes it almost impossible to have this featured so strongly. And it was kind of a nice way to change the pace and trajectory of the storyline. This was also a lot more violent and bloodthirsty. Which was good. Because the whole cult at eight-years-old and all sorts made me feel incredibly bloodthirsty while reading this. I might have actually cheered when Lexi’s past is finally overcome. Also when she kicks Gavriil for being annoying.

Gavriil and Lexi’s story doesn’t strongly feature the noose around the Prakenskii brothers’ necks. But it does help to tighten the noose and set up the tale perfectly for Fire Bound. There’s also the surprise reveal about Lissa’s past which makes me want to read the next story all the more. But, really, I need to actually get some work done… I might just have to hide the book from myself in an attempt for some self-control.

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