October 2018 Monthly Challenge

Duration: 1st October – 31st October
Number of books: 11
Hosted by: My Vampire Book Obsession

October Monthly Challenge...

Transitional – 2 books
Fledgling – 4 books
Vampire – 6 books
Master – 8 books
Vampire King or Queen – 10 books


1. Read a book with a title, series name, or author that begins with any letter in OCTOBER. – To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

2. October’s birthstone is the Opal. It is said that the opal has magical properties including deceptive hopes, illusions, secret passions, and superstitions.
Read a book where a character possesses magical abilities. Bound Together by Christine Feehan

3. October’s birth flower is the Calendula.
Read a book that has a flower or the color orange on the cover. Princess in Training by Meg Cabot

4. On the old Roman calendar, October was the 8th month. It got it’s name from the Latin word “Octo” meaning eight.
Read a book that is 8th in the series or that has an 8 in the page count. Escape from Wolfhaven Castle by Kate Forsyth (185 pages)

5. October ends on the same day of the week as February every year.
Read a book tagged either paranormal or romance. P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han

6. October was known by the Anglo – Saxons as Winterfylleth (Winter Full Moon) and Wyn Monath which means wine.
Read a book with a moon on the cover or where the characters share a drink. Judgment Road by Christine Feehan

7. The Great Fire of Chicago began, and burned for 30 hours, on October 8, 1871.
Read a book set in Chicago or that has fire on the cover.

8. The First Model T Ford was put on the market, October 1, 1908.
Read a book that has a mode of transportation on the cover or that the characters go on a journey. Fire Bound by Christine Feehan

9. Halloween is more Irish than St. Patrick’s Day! Halloween’s origins come from a Celtic festival for the dead called “Samhain”. Celts believed the ghosts of the dead roamed earth on this holiday, so people would dress in costumes and leave treats out on their front doorsteps to appease the roaming spirits.
Read a book that is set in Ireland or has ghosts in the story. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini (ghosts of the past)

10. In some parts of Ireland, people celebrated Halloween by playing romantic fortune telling games to predict who they would marry and when.
Read a book from the Horror genre or has your book boyfriend in it. Reinventing Ruby by Deborah Blake

11. October is National Dessert Month.
Read a book that you consider a special treat! The Fish Ladder by Katharine Norbury




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