International Clown Week – August Challenge

Duration: 1st August – 31st August
Number of books: 6
Hosted by: My Vampire Book Obsession

Whoever has heard the laughter of a child or seen sudden delight on the face of a lonely old man has understood in those brief moments mysteries deeper than love. 

International<br /> Clown Week
Celebrate International Clown Week or run away from the terrifying clowns by completing at least 2 tasks below. This challenge runs for the whole month of August.

1. Read a book with a circus/festival/fair/celebration in the story. – Fairest by Marissa Meyer
2. Read a book with white/red on the cover. – Sekret by Lindsay Smith
3. Read a book by an author who uses a pseudonym. – The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith
4. Read a funny book or with a character you find funny. – Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll
5. Read a book with a title the begins with a letter from ‘Coulrophobia’. – The Awakening by Christine Feehan
6. Read a book set during or published during the summer months (in your area of the world). – Wild Rain by Christine Feehan (February)


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