Tortured by Caragh M. O’Brien


TorturedTitle: Tortured
Author: Caragh M. O’Brien
Series: Birthmarked #1.5
In: Kisses & Curses (Lauren Burniac)
Rating Out of 5: 4.5 (Amazing, but not quite perfect)
My Bookshelves: Dystopia, Easy reading
Format: Short story
Publisher: Square Fish
Year: 2011
5th sentence, 74th page: “They’ve tracked down her old neighbors and her friends but she isn’t with any of them.”

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“But what about Leon?” Now, in this new story that bridges the gap between Birthmarked and Prized, Caragh M. O’Brien answers her readers’ most common question with a tale of suffering and determination from Leon’s perspective. Be warned. The story is a spoiler for the first book in the award-winning trilogy. This promotional e-book includes this exclusive bridge story, as well as a teaser chapter for Prized, book two in the Birthmarked trilogy, available wherever e-books are sold November 2011.


This was kind of hard to read. But not because it was a bad story, rather, it made me cringe. The title, Tortured kind of tells you exactly why. The setting is a gorgeously apocalyptic world and hints towards a greater them about castes and social status. Also the superficialness of many societies. All things which I absolutely love to read about. And make me want to delve into the wider world of Birthmarked.

Tortured contains some spoilers for what happens in Birthmarked. And it was almost disappointing – just because now I have a rough idea of how the first novel may end. Having said that, by the time I actually get my hands on a copy of Birthmarked, I’ll probably have forgotten some of the aspects of this story. And then the first tale will be just as exciting as it was originally intended to be.

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