Loud Puppies and Nosy Neighbours

At our last place we had a really nosy and irritating neighbour. Who could see into our backyard. And used to wait until I was hanging out washing to conveniently pop her head out her door. Needless to say, she quickly rubbed me the wrong way – I like my privacy. ESPECIALLY when I’m standing in my own damn backyard.

The fact that one day she proceeded to tell me that my two dogs would bark all day long. And that I should just leave them outside, regardless of the weather. And so many other things tended to rub me up the wrong way. Particularly since my dogs are generally pretty quiet and don’t tend to bark much.

Or so I thought.

Yesterday I came home to a cacaphony of noise. My dogs apparently decided it was completely appropriate to stand in the bathroom and just bark at one another. I thought they might be fighting… or getting upset at something weird going on around the house.

But no.

One dog was standing in the bathtub. The other on the floor, and they were just merrily barking.

So now I don’t know how often they tend to bark when left home alone. And I’m feeling a little guilty for being so shitty at the nosy  neighbour. Hey, she was still nosy… but maybe not as much of an over-exaggerator as I had first thought…


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